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2016-03-28 11:18 pm

Hello Out There!

Dominator surveying the opposition

Soooo, hi!

This style of RP is very new to me; I'm a veteran of MUSH and Forum-based RPGs (as well as tabletop) and I've never dipped a toe in the journal style before.

I like to think I'm a pretty competent writer and fun to RP with - stories are my bag, yo! - which is why I tend to gravitate towards playing the Bad Guy. I consider it my job, as a Bad Guy, to provide the obstacle that your more heroic characters will overcome in order to grow!

I also love Lord Dominator as a character. She has the perfect blend of humour and terror to create a really memorable villain, in my opinion anyway.

But yeah! Whilst I consider myself pretty well-versed in the whole 'writing' and 'story creation' aspects of roleplaying... I know absolutely nothing about this community, and I'm sure it has its own norms and customs. Please, please, please do let me know if I mess up, tread on any toes or make any other faux pas.

Also I'm British and thus you are likely to find extraneous Us all over the place. Please don't hold that against me!